Rotary Club of Clayton Valley/Concord Sunrise Documents

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Rotarians at Work
Club Speakers
-Carolyn Obringer - Concord City Council 3/18/21

-Jim Whitfield - Clayton Valley Village 3/11/21

-Jennifer Filzen - Operates Cars 2nd Chance (C2C) Web Promotion 3/4/21

-Julie Clemens - Director of Development for Shelter Inc. 2/25/21

-Carl "CW" Wolfe - Mayor of Clayton 2/18/21

-Reina Schwartz - Clayton City Manager 2/11/21

-Joan Ryan - Concord City Planning Department 2/4/21

-Richard Leuck - A Lookback and History of our Club 1/28/21

-John Wenzel - Co-founder of Archvest Wealth Advisors 1/21/21

-James Carlson - Business Counselor - Working through COVID 19 1/14/21

-Dr. Torsten Jacobsen - Trip to India 1/7/21

-Cherish Khaund - MDUSD STEAM Program 12/17/20

-Trish Beirne - Emergency and volunteer program 12/3/20

-Victoria Bianco - Building Veteran's Self Understanding through self-portraiture painting 11/19/20

Cars 2nd Chance Food Bank Partnership
Club Leaders